“Our goal as a team is to be the best part of your day when you walk in our doors. “
-Lexi, Owner
Berkshire is a place of inspiration that gives you the opportunity to bring a connection between your personality and appearance.”
-Nikki, Owner


Our Story

Berkshire opened its doors for the first time in January 2004. Nikki began working at Berkshire in 2007 while going to school full time.  Lexi began her hair career at Berkshire in 2008 after moving to Oklahoma from Colorado.  By 2009, Nikki had graduated college and moved in to a management position and Lexi had built a steady clientele doing hair, and was also in management within the salon.  That summer, Berkshire went up for sale.  The girls knew a good thing when they saw it and jumped on the opportunity to purchase the business.  Less than a week later, Lexi and Nikki were the proud owners of Berkshire Salon and Day Spa.  With eight employees, a handful of clients, and a big dream, the girls set out to be the best salon and spa in Tulsa.

Lexi and Nikki took every opportunity they could do attend leadership classes, listen to podcasts, meet with mentors, and gain as much knowledge as possible on running a successful business.  As Berkshire began to grow, their existing space began to feel cramped.  In 2012, Lexi and Nikki took another leap of faith and purchased and empty lot across the street and built a brand new facility.  With a strong team, and a steadily growing clientele, Berkshire was busier than ever before.

Today, Berkshire employs over 30+ team members.  The staff as a whole is passionate about education and always growing in their craft.  Berkshire has an in-house education team that is responsible for teaching monthly classes for their coworkers. It is a place of joy for clients and employees alike, a place of happiness in a busy and chaotic world.

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”
-Fabienne Frederickson