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There is an easy, short answer… Twice daily. Typically morning and night. But, there’s a lot more involved in healthy skin care, depending on your skin type!

Flaky and Dry?

People with dry skin sometimes think they can get away without washing as often because they’re not oily or shiny… but that does not mean your skin is healthy! In most cases, you should still be washing your face twice a day. You need to get debris out of your pores so that they can get breathe and so that whatever products you apply for the day will be absorbed. Just like the oily girls, you still need to cleanse at night to rid your skin of the days elements.

The key to skincare success for dry skin will be a great moisturizer. Cleansing is super important, but a thick moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated is an absolute must. Some of our favorite cleansers for dry skin are from Dermalogica. The next time you visit, you can find the below items or ask one of our professionals. We’d be happy to help!



Have oily skin? Excessive washing throughout the day can strip your face of its moisture and cause it to produce even more oil. Ah! It might sound weird, but people with oily skin should generally wash their face less often than those with a drier skin type. If you have oily skin, try skipping the morning cleanse. The evening cleanse is a must since our faces are exposed to so many elements throughout the day. Another little secret, make sure you’re sleeping on a super clean pillow case! 😉

Here’s are a few cleansers we recommend for oily skin types. Of course, we are always happy to answer you questions on your next visit!



The Products…

It’s really important to be using the correct products and know the right way to use them. Otherwise, you could be creating a chemical warfare on your face. If you’re unsure of your skin care regimen, we suggest meeting with an esthetician at least once to get you started on a proper products. No matter what, just keep in mind that the goal is for your skin to feel dewy and moisturized, not tight or overly shiny.

If you would like to talk with a professional, check out our skincare services page or book an appointment. We would be happy to consult you professionally on your next visit!

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