We understand… getting a haircut can be an annoying, tiresome experience and you have no idea how your hair will turn out. There’s no reason why your once a month cleanup should be something you’d rather put off.  It should be an experience you actually look forward to in a modern, comfortable salon or barbershop!

Salons and Barbershops are upping their game to include a better experience for men who want more than just a cheap, quick cut. Here are a few things that you could be looking forward to:

  1. Education. We offer our stylists a lot of education beyond beauty school. This means our stylists are able to offer you the most modern techniques and styles to keep you looking fantastic! How many times have you gone home after a hair cut and “fixed” it yourself? This is a step you will definitely skip when you come to Berkshire.
  2. Complimentary beverage. Grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or even an iced tea every time you visit us!
  3. Tailored. For us, it isn’t just about a quick haircut.  When you are in one of our chair with one of our sytlists, you will get a perfectly tailored haircut for you. Your stylist will go the extra mile and trim your neckline, eyebrows, beard, ear hair, etc. We are trained to take care of the small details that your significant other is probably always asking you to clean up!
  4. Consistency. Seeing the same stylist regularly gives them the opportunity to learn your hair, head shape, and preferences. You won’t have to tell the stylist “#2 on the sides and finger length on top” ever again! We will remember you and your hair and can cut it just how you like it, every time.
  5. Connection. Remember the movie Barbershop? It’s not just a movie! When you regularly see a stylist, you become part of something bigger. Connect with others around you who like to laugh and have fun while getting styled.
  6. No Waiting. Speaking of regular, how about no waiting!? An appointment (schedule one here) means no more waiting! We are all busy, so you set the day and time that works for you, walk in, and you will be with your stylist in minutes.
  7. Two words: Scalp Massage. Trust us, this is one of the best things about a haircut at Berkshire. You will never want to get a haircut anywhere else after this!

If you’ve never been to our Salon, we highly recommend giving it a try! You can schedule an appointment or learn more about our hair cut services. We have a feeling it will be one of the best decisions you ever make!

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