It’s normal for brides to spend most of their budget on venues, dresses, cakes, photos, and food – but you definitely don’t want to forget about your hair and makeup on wedding day! After all the cake is eaten, your dress is tucked away, and the big day is over, there’s one thing you will see forever… your photos!

You will definitely want to look your best in those forever photos, so how do you get this perfect look that you’ll be happy with all your days? A Trial Run with a Bridal Hair Stylist and a Bridal Makeup Artist.

5 reasons a bridal trial run is essential:

12400766_10205406881038357_4701736471263516736_n1. Tailored. It gives you the opportunity to try different styles and see what looks the best on you.  After having your hair styled up, you may decide the pic you saved forever ago on Pinterest is actually not so flattering and you need something different.  A professional can make great suggestions and try different styles that can be tailored to you.

12366289_10208565997974312_4847898722642359111_n2. Experiment. It lets you see what works (and what doesn’t.)  You have the time to experiment with different accessories and your veil to see how it looks with your hair and makeup. So many times these small details are afterthoughts the day of and can send a bride in to complete panic.  Who needs that additional stress on your big day!?

12540964_10205406880198336_6839674751091975743_n3. Durability. It lets you test your hair style and makeup choices to make sure they will hold up all night.  Plan a night out after the trial run. See how your lipstick holds up and make sure you didn’t loose the volume or curl you had when you left your stylist’s chair.  Pay attention to the small details, but ones that can make or break your night, like making sure all those bobby pins don’t give you a headache after a few hours.

different styles4. Photos. It gives you the opportunity to see if your look photographs well.  Take pics of your trial hair and makeup from all angles and make sure you like the profiles. See how the lipstick you chose shows up in pictures.  See if your family heirloom pearl earrings are showing like you had hoped.

12348016_10208566363983462_4852474034421974904_n5. Comfort. Most importantly, it makes you feel comfortable the day of the wedding.  If you take the time to do a trial run for hair and makeup 4-6 weeks before the wedding, you won’t have to stress the day of.  You and your Beauty Crew will know exactly what’s happening and you can focus on the important thing: Enjoying the beauty of your big day.

We highly recommend learning more about our bridal hair services or scheduling an appointment with a professional stylist!


    • Hey Stephanie! The cost depends greatly on the service you decide to come in for. Check out our website with our list of services and price sheet for more info. Hope to see you soon!

  • My sister will be married next month and she wants her hair to be perfect. It was explained here that a trial run is essential to see what looks best. Moreover, it’s important to hire professionals for bridal hair services.

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